Italian Solar Market restarts on new bases

Solarexpo-The Innovation Cloud 2014 wrapped up with successful figures and with a strong message: Italian Solar Market restarts on new bases: energy self-consumption of families and companies, new technology solutions for smart cities are moving forward.

Italian Solar Market restarts on new bases

The 2014 edition of Solarexpo-The Innovation Cloud wrapped up with successful figures: 14.200 professional visitors from 74 Countries, 6.000 attendees in 50 conferences, workshop and courses with more than 400 speakers.

The high number of professional and skilled visitors – stated Luca Zingale, Scientific Director of Solarexpo-The Innovation Cloud – represents an important sign of trust in the PV sector: the Italian market is picking up again. At the same time, it is essential for Italian companies to maintain a business model which includes internationalization plans towards emerging Countries. Moreover, by introducing last year the multi-technological concept of ‘The Innovation Cloud’, we anticipated the market trends and we are proud to see how the whole industry is aware of our value”.

Positive reviews and optimistic spirits were also shared by the majority of the exhibitors.

Nicola Cosciani, CEO of FIAMM Industrial Batteries, commented: “Due to the end of direct incentives, Italian photovoltaic has been through a reshaping phase but nevertheless we see now a  living and dynamic industry which aims to reinvent itself by developing new technologies and solutions in order to achieve a mature technological energy storage and self-consumption development”.

“A new, interesting type of technical customer visited our booth; workers from the renewable energy sector which are widening their business: not only photovoltaic, but PV and its integration with other technologies”, said Peter Hinteregger from IDM, Austrian electric heat pumps producer.

According to Andrea Milan from Connect, “we are witnessing a logical evolution of PV business, which is moving towards a more efficient use of energy. In this exhibition we understood that the future of the sector will be managing the electricity demand through innovative technological solutions”.

“A new mindset is required in Italy in order to complete the transition from an incentive-based business model to a completely different concept, based on self-consumption of auto-produced electricity. In fact, in these three days, the high level of visitors we met and their awareness of the energy transition gave us the certainty that a good and healthy development of Italian PV is already coming, and it is very close”, stated Alvaro Garcia-Maltras and Sandra Valverde from the Chinese Trina Solar.