New brands and historical companies will exhibit at Solarexpo-The Innovation Cloud 2015

For many companies the chance to give new impetus when it comes to tackling the challenges ahead will come with the next edition of SOLAREXPO-THE INNOVATION CLOUD, which will take place from 8 to 10 April, at the new venue, MiCo - Fiera Milano Congressi.

New brands and historical companies will exhibit at Solarexpo-The Innovation Cloud 2015
Italian renewable energy sector has been through a deep and difficult period of consolidation, but the latest normative framework changes suggest that 2015 will bring concrete signs of recovery. Anyway the development of solar-technologies and energy-efficiency market will be increasingly led by companies’ business models, by their innovative ideas and strategies, and their new products and services.

For many companies the chance to give new impetus when it comes to tackling the challenges ahead will come with the next edition of 
SOLAREXPO-THE INNOVATION CLOUD, which will take place from 8 to 10 April, at the new venue, MiCo - Fiera Milano Congressi, in the centre of Milan.

Numerous companies from different segments have already confirmed their attendance for the 2015 edition of this technological exposition and conference event. Some companies which have not attended the previous edition are returning, while others confirmed for another year, and there will be plenty of debuts.

Among those returning is Fronius, a world leader in inverter technology. The General Manager of Fronius Italia, Alberto Pinori, explained that the company had passed up on the 2014 event because “the chosen trade fair set-up was not quite in line with the evolving market, but – he went on to say – we're back this year because we believe that the photovoltaics market is changing again. Solarexpo has already taken on board these changes with the choice of the new venue, MiCo, which is much more suitable, and a programme of events and conferences which reflects the companies attending”.

Among the various big international names in attendance, in addition to ABB (operating in the inverters sector), the Chinese company Jinko Solar has also confirmed. “We believe that Italy still represents an attractive market for 2015 and the coming years. There are considerably fewer players on the market and that’s why we want to make sure we are present at an event like this,” explained Alberto Cuter, Sales Manager for the emerging markets and Italy at Jinko Solar Italia.

Among the Italian companies attending is FuturaSun. “High efficiency, quality modules, revamping, value chain and solutions for emerging markets: these are the key topics that FuturaSun will focus on at Solarexpo 2015, which continues to be the main event in our sector, explains Nicola Baggio, Technical Manager at Futura Holding.

In the post-incentives photovoltaics sector, we know we won’t just be selling kilowatts anymore, but kilowatt-hours. Technology will move towards responding to households’ and companies’ need for energy savings, and the new buzzword will be ‘self-consumption’. The products and services on offer will then adjust accordingly.

Jinko Solar, for example, will present its new range of smart modules and new highly efficient photovoltaic modules, while Fronius will show up an innovative stand together with other manufacturers and service providers. It’s a real business network to showcase new products and services, and especially to offer energy, commercial and financial solutions to distributors, installers and end customers.

SOLAREXPO-THE INNOVATION CLOUD is an exhibition and conference platform that welcomes all energy technologies for buildings, networks and smart cities – a valuable occasion on which to explore innovations not only in the production of clean electricity, but also in the technology used to better manage and monitor this energy.

The exhibition will cover all these technologies and their integration, opening its doors to companies from various sectors. Among these are the Austrian company IDM (operating in electric heat pumps), the Italian Cloros (ESCo and energy efficiency) and Sunerg (solar and small-turbine wind power), and the German Andritz-Atro (small hydro), to name but a few.

In addition to the dates changing (Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 April), this year's SOLAREXPO-THE INNOVATION CLOUD also has a new venue: MiCo-Fiera Milano CongressiIt's a versatile, compact and structured centre spread over three floors, capable of hosting any type of event: corporate events, road shows, seminars and workshops, but also afterhours and special evening events

For these reasons we expect large numbers of professionals from the sector to attend. it is an event not to be missed, and a chance to meet operators and find out more about new developments in the sector, as well as an opportunity to update professional knowledge at an important time for all those working with these technologies.