PV: Self-consumption will be the driver for new installations

The future of PV market, both in Italy and abroad, will be providing services. One of the main driver of new installations will probably be self-consumption. An interview with Oscar Cepas, Senior Director Marketing SunEdison.

PV: Self-consumption will be the driver for new installations

According to a recent report realized by the International Energy Agency, 2014 was characterized by a growing global PV market, but below expectations. But the limited growth hides many contrasted developments in various regions. In Europe, for example, the market continued to decline, despite the growth of the UK market that established itself as first place in Europe. Germany experienced another market decline even with extremely competitive incentives. France grew again while the Italian market, as all markets where feed-in tariffs were phased-out, descended to a rather low level of around 400 MW.

It looks like the European PV market is witnessing a disordered march towards PV development, mostly because of the different normative approach to this technology by the different governments. Can the old continent come bigger numbers of installed capacity?

We asked Oscar Cepas, Sr. Director Marketing & Channel Development Residential and Small Commercial Europe.