The organisers: due to a continued regulatory instability the Italian solar market is still going through a difficult phase of consolidation and stagnation. Confident that the energy revolution triggered by the boom of PV cannot be reversed, a call is launched to the Italian business community of the new energy technologies for joining forces. To seek a stronger political consensus and recreate the necessary critical mass vis-à-vis the vested interests lobby.

Milan, 2 March 2016 - The 2016 edition of SOLAREXPO-THE INNOVATION CLOUD has been postponed.

Market statistics for new PV installations in Italy in 2015 - which will most probably not go beyond a mere 300 MW - report a further 30% decrease compared to the 2014 level. This was actually a totally unexpected figure, for everyone thought that 2015 would have been archived as the bottom-level year of the post-incentive phase.

The background is a continued instability generated in the national legislative and regulatory framework. The grid parity-based model of production of renewable energy for self-consumption and liberalised sale in the domestic, commercial and industry sectors is again under attack in Italy.

It was little surprise, therefore, that from the continuous exchange process established by the organizers with the national PV industry and those international brands still active on the Italian market, it has turned out that under the current market conditions it is not possible to achieve the critical mass needed to have in 2016 a Solarexpo exhibition in line with its 17-year reputation and role as inspiring event in Italy for all new energy technologies.

However the organisers launch a call to the Italian business community of PV and to all "sister and allied" technologies (from storage to smart grids, from intelligent buildings to e-mobility and energy efficiency) for joining forces to seek a stronger social and political consensus and recreate the necessary critical mass vis-à-vis the lobby of conventional energy generation and distribution.

“Despite this difficult transition phase, no one lacks confidence that history has definitely turned – declares Luca Zingale, founder and scientific director of Solarexpo | The Innovation Cloud. We are all witnesses, and front players indeed, of a real energy revolution. A paradigm shift which was triggered by the great leap of PV and is marked by increasing achievements in the four directions of distributed generation, decarbonisation, increasing electrification, digitalization of energy. A revolution of such a historical extent cannot be reversed, or even just stopped. Because it is simply the future for the entire planet, and the only viable industry policy option for an advanced economy like Italy".

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